Providing accounting service and consulting service regarding accounting and tax, filling basic document for accounting records, analyzing list of document for accounting records of income and expense, adjusting entries and accounting statement as prescribed by Accounting Act and  the Revenue Department, recording accounting according to the standard of accounting by Express Program certified by the Revenue Department, calculating and preparing application for online tax filing and remitting tax to the Revenue Department.

Preparing and submitting monthly tax return and tax payment at the Revenue Department

  • P.N.D.1, P.N.D.3, P.N.D.53, P.P.30 (vat 7%), P.N.D. 54, P.T.40 with input and output tax report.​

Preparing and submitting annual tax return and tax payment at the Revenue Department

  • Forecasting corporate income tax half year (P.N.D.51)
  • Making annual report and corporate income tax (P.N.D.50) on December 31 or on the date according to a company’s regulation of every year. This includes trial balance, sales book, purchase book, ledger, profit and loss statement and balance sheet with details to financial statement via online and file at the Revenue Department.
  • Making income tax report (salary) of tax year (P.N.D.1 Kor)
  • Preparing annual personal income tax P.N.D.90, P.N.D. 94, P.N.D. 91

Preparing and filing annual application at Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce

  • Making annual financial statement (Sor Bor Chor 3) and a certified copy the list of shareholders (Bor Aor Jor 5) via online and file the document at office of Ministry of Commerce.

Preparing and filing annual and monthly application at Social Security office

  • Preparing and registering employer for Social Security, notifying of entry and withdrawal of insured person, changing information of employer, sending annual contribution to Workmen’s Compensation Fund and filing monthly Social Security tax online and at Social Security office.

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